Monday, April 16, 2012

Best decision of my life!

Heller peeps! 
        Today has been a hard day for me. I've had  2 different sources talk with me about the previous place we lived. Before we moved to the fabulous Bama, we lived in Webster County in Kentucky.
      Family situations in Kentucky were not good. Abuse (mental, and occasionally physical) was going on from extended family members. It wasn't good, we hated it, we left. End of that...
       Ok, so we packed up the necessities from the house late one February night (2008), and moved into the house we currently live in. When we left we knew we were NOT going back. We were miserable, why go back?
       If something happens to both my parents today, God forbid, I will take care of my brother and sister. I would be the legal guardian for them, and that would be a role I would not hesitate to fill.  We will NOT be moving back. I requested everything be changed so the day I turned 18 (December18, 2011) , I would be their legal guardian in the case of both parents death. Mom and dad talked, and decided that was the best option. They have everything planned out if something happens. I would NEVER move my siblings back into that, and I know that is not what mom and dad would want. THERE IS A ZERO PERCENT CHANCE WE WILL MOVE BACK. 
       The only physical ties we have with Kentucky is our house. When we left, selling the house was the least of our worries. But we still do own a house there. We will go back one day, clean it out, and give it away. Yes, give it away. Mom and dad have discussed giving it to the Lord. People who need to know what that means, will. We do not own the land it was built on, so we are not able to sell it, but we don't foresee people living in it in the future.
      My parents made the decision to change their entire lives because they were not happy. Since the day my parents moved us, they have repeatedly told us to be happy and if we weren't to change it. (This is something we strive to live by daily) 
       Back to the story, so everyone has asked us when we are coming back.... Lemme just tell ya.. WE AIN'T! :)
       Bama is our home. We've never been happier. We have NO drama. Do you have any idea how amazing a drama free life feels? I sure do!!
       My parents moving us 200 miles from that (excuse the french) hell-hole, was the BEST thing they've ever done.    
       While driving to class today I was thinking about how thankful I was for the move. I am beyond proud of us. We did what everyone in Webster thought we could not do. We go out of there. We made it.
       Neither of my parents had an easy childhood (including teenage years) and they, like most parents, wanted better for their own children. I can say with complete confidence they have given us more than we could have ever wanted. They have been the most amazing, supportive parents. They would give up anything to make sure we didn't do without. I'll admit, I'm a spoiled brat. I have more (of everything) then I could possibly use. That hasn't always been the case. My parents have worked for everything they have ever had, despite what may be thought. I am beyond proud to be Aundrea and Dwayne Towery's daughter.
     All in all, my family is amazing, and leaving Kentucky was the best decision we have ever made. We are happy, stable, and NEVER MOVING BACK!
Thanks for reading,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dresses for sale!

Hey! I have only worn each dress once or twice unless otherwise stated:

 Size- 7, $50

 Measurements- 35 bust 27 waist 37 hips no size $100

 Size 9-10 $25 zipper stuck needs sewing

 Size 6, $50

 Size 7-8 $50

 Size 5-6 $50

 Size 9-10 $50

 Size 11-12 $75

 Size 9 $100

 Size 7-8 $100

 Size 5 $100

 Size M $25

 Size 3-4 $50
Comment and let me know which you would like to buy, and we will use paypal!